5 Questions We still Have For Sean Hannity About Michael Cohen: CNN


Sean Hannity has found himself in the middle of a controversy is not going to escape from anytime soon.  In a stunning development, President Donald Trump’s attorney and longtime confidante, Michael Cohen revealed that his mysterious third client was the conservative talk show host Sean Hannity.










However, Hannity denied the allegation on his Fox News show:

“My discussions with Michael Cohen never rose to any level that I needed to tell anyone that I was asking him question. And to be absolutely clear, they never involved any matter, any — sorry to disappoint so many — matter between me, a third party, a third group, at all. My questions exclusively almost focused on real estate. I have said many times on air, I hate the stock market — I prefer real estate. Michael knows real estate.”

However, CNN has these five questions for questions for Hannity:

  1. If this is no big deal, why did Hannity work to keep his name out of the case?


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