A candid photo of Joe Biden with a homeless man just went viral


A candid photo of former Vice President Joe Biden has resurfaced lately amid rumors that he is gearing up for a 2020 presidential run. The picture has gone viral on Facebook.


“Character is about what you do when no one is watching,” the caption reads.

According to Politico, his top aides are working hard on prepping the field for him, running through different scenarios that could put him on a winning trajectory if he chooses to enter the race.

According to The Hill:

“The former vice president is ‘thinking through a million unconventional options, because there is an acknowledgment that this could be an unconventional campaign,’ one person close to the discussions said.”

Biden himself is listening to aides who have been urging him to run given his experience and credibility, as he observes the calamitous circus that is the Trump administration with horror.

He is, however, purposefully trying to convince his staff and potential donors to stop speculating about his plans to run and instead focus their energies on the 2018 midterm elections and winning back control of Congress for the Democrats.



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