Alec Baldwin Says He Could ‘1,000 Percent’ Beat Donald Trump in a Presidential Race


Alec Baldwin is confident he could beat President Donald Trump in 2020.


Baldwin opened up about the possibility of running against Trump during an appearance on Howard Stern‘s SiriusXM radio show on Monday, saying he’s confident he would win.

“If I ran, I would win,” Baldwin said. “I would absolutely win. I 1,000 percent would win.”

However, Baldwin said he simply doesn’t have time.

“I have to do Match Game,” he said of the hit ABC gameshow he hosts. “I don’t want to miss summer – boy would I miss summer with my kids.”

Baldwin has been an outspoken critic of Trump throughout his presidency, even winning an Emmy for his portrayal of the president on SNL.

“It would be the funniest, most exciting, craziest campaign,” Baldwin added.


But while Baldwin doesn’t plan to run, he is optimistic that a “great” politician will take office in 2020.

“Somebody great is going to come up, I hope,” he said. “I’d love to run for that kind of position to just have things be very common sense. There are so many things that this country needs to do that are so obvious.”



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