All-girls Afghan Robotics Team Finally Makes it to the US


After a public outcry, President Donald Trump finally intervened and allowed six Afghan girls to receive their US visas.

The girls, members of a robotics team from Afghanistan’s Heart region who were scheduled to join a competition last Tuesday, received media attention after being denied visas twice. This is in light of the implementation of President Trump’s stricter visa policies for Muslim-majority nations.

United States officials finally reversed their decision and issued visas for the girls on Thursday. Following news of the reversal, Ivanka Trump tweeted, “I look forward to welcoming this brilliant team of Afghan girls, and their competitors, to Washington DC next week! #WomenInSTEM”


Prior to their first match on Tuesday, the Afghan team participated in a demonstration match against other all-female teams for the benefit of Ms. Trump. 

Addressing the crowd, Ms. Trump said, “For many of you who have traveled great lengths to be here, we welcome you. It’s a privilege and an honor to have you all with us.”

The girls’ robot, aptly named Better Idea of Afghan Girls, did not bag any top awards at the competition. However, they were awarded medals for “courageous achievement.”

One of the girls, 15-year-old Kawsar Roshan, proudly showed a picture of her all-important paperwork to a reporter, saying, “This is my visa. It’s a memory.”


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