Anthony Scaramucci Says: Ivanka Trump Wants Me at the White House


Anthony Scaramucci thinks that he’ll be making his way back to the Trump administration in the near future.


As the Daily Beast reports, anonymous sources claim that Scaramucci told his friends and colleagues that people in Trump’s inner circle want to see him make a comeback. Three difference sources told the news site that he is bragging about an “imminent” reinstatement. Supposedly, the person who wants him back the most is Trump’s daughter/advisor Ivanka Trump.

Scaramucci denies the claims, telling the Daily Beast “[T]his is absolute nonsense. Happy new year [and]be well. I have said nothing like that at all…Don’t believe BS.”

The Mooch’s return would indeed be a surprise, especially since his antics were so off the wall that Donald Trump—the king of insane Tweets—wondered if Scaramucci was on drugs after his rant with the New Yorker. Aside from his comments on Bannon, The Mooch also similarly attacked Reince Priebus.

After Trump fired Priebus and hired General John Kelly as the new Chief of Staff, the first thing Kelly did was fire Scaramucci for his comments.

Kelly is still Chief of Staff, though, making it unlikely that Scaramucci will ever see the inside of the White House again. Especially since he is still making similar comments, or at least reiterating them:

If Ivanka really is the person who wants The Mooch back on the team, it’s even less likely to happen, as she is being edged out more and more every day. And if he actually is reinstated, at least the news will be really entertaining for another ten days before he’s fired again.



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