Barack Obama and Bill Clinton Remember Chuck Berry, Remind Us Why We Miss Them


Former President Barack Obama took to Twitter earlier to offer a touching remembrance of Chuck Berry, who passed away on Saturday.

Obama has been largely out of the public eye since he left office. He and former First Lady Michelle Obama have been working on their foundation, crowdsourcing for ideas on social media.

Sharing his thoughts on Berry’s passing, Obama tweeted:


This was followed by a huge outpouring of love for the former president by people in the U.S. and around the world who profoundly miss him:


Back in 2012, Berry praised Obama in an interview with Rolling Stone:

I never thought that a man with the qualities, features and all that he has [could]be our president. My dad said, “You may not live to see that day,” and I believed him. I thank God that I have.

Former President Bill Clinton was also moved to remember the music legend.


Clinton released a statement through the Clinton Foundation website:

Hillary and I loved Chuck Berry for as long as we can remember. The man was inseparable from his music — both were utterly original and distinctly American. He made our feet move and our hearts more joyful. And along the way he changed our country and the history of popular music. Chuck played at both my inaugurations and at the White House for my 25th Georgetown reunion, and he never slowed down, which is why his legend grew every time he stepped on stage. His life was a treasure and a triumph, and he’ll never be forgotten. Our hearts go out to his family and his countless friends and fans.


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