Border Patrol Agents Caught Dumping Injured Man Across Border Because ‘He Looks Mexican’


A sickening footage has surfaced from an incident at the border in March of 2017 shows a disgusting account of abuse of power by U.S. Border Patrol agents.


The incident in question occurred near the border town of Calexico, California last spring. In the video, Mexican officials can be heard explaining to the U.S. agents that they were violating the U.S.-Mexico bilateral agreements. Additionally, the Mexican agents encouraged the U.S. agents to contact the Mexican consulate in order to properly repatriate him.

Instead of following proper protocol by finding out what country the man should be sent back to, the U.S. agents instead made their own assumptions. “I think he’s Mexican” and “he looks like it” were comments made by a U.S. agent.

The full interaction went as follows:

Mexican official: He’s repatriated, he’s [inaudible]another place.

U.S. agent: As far as I know, he’s also going back to his. Well, I think he’s Mexican. He’s going back to his country.

Mexican official: Look at that. And you don’t even know if he’s Mexican or not.

U.S. agent: He looks like it.

The man was injured, but that made no difference to the U.S. agents who handled the incident.

“All of this is through the consulate,” one Mexican official says during the exchange. “Are you new?”

“No, I’ve been doing this for 20 years,” a U.S. Border Patrol agent replied.

In the end, the Border Patrol agents took the man back to the United States and left him in a park, a law-enforcement source told NBC News.

The man was eventually processed for repatriation at a Mexican consulate in April, and officials found that he was indeed a Mexican national who’d been arrested 16 times for illegally entering the United States.

Nevertheless, the U.S. agents initially handling the incident, who attempted to drop him off at the border, were still disobeying agency protocol.

Though neither agent involved lost their jobs, Customs and Border Protection told NBC News that the agents’ behavior in the video was an “isolated incident” and that the agents were reprimanded after the investigation.

NBC News — the network that originally released the condemning video — reportedly obtained it from Customs and Border Protection after a whistleblower became aware of the existence of the footage.

“Corrective action was taken to ensure all our agents understand their responsibilities of adhering to established processes, practices and policies,” according to Assistant Chief Patrol Agent David Kim.

The Customs and Border Protection agency said the agents’ actions “were not consistent with our normal procedures,” but if Republicans have any say in the matter, brash and improper operations at the border will be here to stay.



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