BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Hired a Serial Rapist for Top Federal Job


President Donald Trump has hired a serial rapist for a top federal job.  Steven Munoz is the latest hire in the State Department, who has been accused of molesting and assaulting some kids in military college.  We have nobody in President Trump’s  team who understands what consent means.


Munoz has been hired as the assistant chief of visits in the State Department despite this fact that his background is littered with sexual assault allegations.

The information details are very disturbing especially to victims of sexual assault.  Munoz is an upperclassman, a former class president and head of the campus Republican Society.

Munoz is making use of his positions of power to take advantage of some freshmen. One of the students said that he saw Munoz on top of him one morning, kissing and grabbing his private without consent.

There was an incident where Munoz molested a student during their trip to the Conservative Political Action Conference.  Munoz had jumped on him and then he “felt jerking and bouncing on my back.”

This isn’t the only incident; a student revealed that the Trump’s latest hire “put his other hand down my underwear until I again pushed him away, but he did not stop. He said as a new leader I had to learn to trust other leaders on the team, and this was how I should show him I trusted him.”

The allegations can be used to determine that Munoz is a serial rapist.  The Citadel also conducted an investigation and concluded that “certain assaults likely occurred.”

He is walking free because the prosecutor didn’t go after him. Sadly, Trump knew about these allegations and still employed him.

Should Munoz be FIRED immediately?



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