Brussels Protesters Gang Up Against Trump in a Massive Protest


Thousands of people gathered in Brussels for a protest organised by the “Trump Not Welcome” organisation.


This protest was against Trump’s visit to the city on July 11 and 12 for a NATO summit and gathered under the common slogan of “Make Peace Great Again.”


Isabelle Vanbrabant, the protest organiser explained why they were there.

“He is not welcome here because he predicts a world of war, benefits for the weapons industry and he’s detaining children, migrant children in cages, so he’s not welcome.

“It’s not the person himself, but his policies.”

Among those taking part was Camille Pier, an LGBT activist.

“He’s openly against gay marriage and blocks the access to equality for trans people,” he said.

“In fact, he’s very consistent in his anti-LGBT speeches, he’s consistent with his sexist and racist comments.”


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