China Tells Trump The BITTER Truth: ‘This Is Not How A U.S. President Should Behave’


President Donald Trump’s relationship with China has been on the crazy side. In his campaign, he would say things like “we can’t continue to allow China to rape our country,” but then in November praised them and said it was the U.S.’s fault that they have a trade deficit.


And now he’s back on the attack again, claiming that China is sending oil to North Korea, in typical Trump fashion:

Caught RED HANDED – very disappointed that China is allowing oil to go into North Korea. There will never be a friendly solution to the North Korea problem if this continues to happen!

In response to Trump’s tweet and claims, China questioned the U.S. and South Korean interpretation of satellite imagery, which allegedly shows China ships transporting oil to North Korean boats in the Yellow Sea.

“In the photos, North Korean boats appeared to be linking up with Chinese vessels. These ‘Chinese vessels’ are not oil tankers and are not large-tonnage. U.S. and South Korean media believe these photos prove China violated U.N. Security Council resolutions to transfer oil to North Korea, but even in the reports, it is unclear where the vessels come from or whom they belong to,” The Global Times wrote Friday.

“Trump’s tweet is one of the strongest responses from the U.S. and South Korea. He concluded that China was caught before the truth was clarified and commented in a strong tone. This is not how a U.S. president should behave,” it continued.

Regardless of the images’ validity, they’re not wrong. If China is guilty of supplying oil to the rogue regime against UN Sanctions, the last thing the US President should do is send a childish tweet and a threat.

We know Trump “loves war,” but does he have to be so eager to start one?



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