Church Leader Helped Members Commit Unemployment Fraud So They Could Keep Donating To The Church


Word of Faith Fellowship (WFF), an evangelical church in North Carolina is being investigated for luring Brazilian Christians into the U.S. and then enslaving them to work on their 35-acre compound.


Last June, a church member admitted to leading 30 parishioners to attack a gay member of the church to “expel his demons.” Now they’re in even more—though less horrifying—legal problems.

Recently, the Associated Press reported that WFF was helping their congregation commit unemployment fraud so that they could keep collecting tithing money. According to the church, the criminal activity was “God’s plan.”

In an interview, Randy Fields, a contractor, said that he asked church founder Jane Whaley to let him tithe less since his business was struggling. Whaley instead told him to file fraudulent unemployment claims using the names of his employees.

And Fields wasn’t the only one. Several church members and even some WFF employees confessed to committing fraud for the church. After years of fraud, church members have cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. In fact, it’s so bad that the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security are both investigating the massive fraud.


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