CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Presents Incredible List Of All The UNBELIEVABLE Things Trump Has Done In 2018


Brooke Baldwin ended  a segment today by saying  “Welcome to 2018,”  where she listed all the news stories relating to Trump that happened since January 1st, less than one week ago. It’s been a nonstop news cycle for the last five days, with so many topics to cover that Baldwin has to stop for a water break at one point.











They include:

  • NYT: Trump Urged Lawyer to stop Session’s recusal, which Mueller is aware of.
  • NYT: Session aide pursued negative Comey Info
  • Explosive Book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff releases
  • Wolff: Trump insiders question his fitness
  • Yale psychiatrist briefed lawmakers
  • Bannon rips Trump, Family in book
  • Bannon calls Trump Tower meeting “treasonous.”
  • Bannon: Money Laundering at Center of Probe
  • Dossier Frim Warns on Trump Biz Dealings
  • Trump says Bannon has “lost his mind” and starts calling “Sloppy Steve.”
  • Trump lawyers issue “cease & desist” over the new book.
  • Trump taunts NK over the size of the nuclear button.
  • North and South Korea communicate, and Trump takes credit for it.
  • Trump backs protesters in Iran uprising
  • Trump threatens to cut off aid to Palestinians
  • U.S. Suspends aid to Pakistan
  • Trump calls on Clinton Aide to be jailed
  • Trump again refers to DOJ as “Deep state.”
  • Feds Investigating Clinton Foundation
  • Trump takes credit for Aviation safety
  • Dow crosses 25k for the first time
  • Trump teases “corrupt media” award show
  • Hatch’s retirement clears way for a Romney Run
  • Trump dissolves voter fraud commission
  • Trump moves to expand offshore drilling
  • Trump: Dreamers, Hispanics will “fall in love” with GOP
  • Sean Spicer says “I screwed up.”


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