CNN’s Navarro in a brutal statement, “Like Teaching A 4-Year Old To Read”


Navarro’s comments came after records of phone communications Donald had with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto leaked.

CNN’s Ana Navarro, who is a self-confessed Republican, delivered a harsh evaluation of President Trump’s stupidity and obvious lack of intellectual capability.

“The fake news and the lying doesn’t surprise me anymore. The one thing we know he is consistent about, Trump, is lying. The real story here is that you have the Prime Minister of Australia having to explain policy to him like you teach a four-year-old how to read.”

“The President of the United States was completely ignorant and clueless as to the policy that they were discussing. It was cringe-inducing. It was painful for any American to feel embarrassed by the lack of knowledge of this president. It is astounding the level of leaks in this White House. Forget the new chief of staff, he needs to hire a plumber to take care of these leaks.”

Watch the video below:



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