Court Filings Suggest: Trump Got Stormy Daniels Pregnant And She Had An Abortion


We were made to know that the Non-Disclosure Agreement that Stormy Daniels signed with President Donald Trump, states that Daniels must never discuss several aspects of her relationship with Trump, such as “sexual partners, alleged sexual actions or alleged sexual conduct, related matters,” and one that is starting to get people’s attention, “paternity information.”


However, things didn’t go according to this NDA because Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen was careless when he wrote the legal agreement.

The second is that Barron Trump has a little half-brother or sister walking around somewhere (well, he might anyway). Daniels does have a daughter who was born in January 2011, a few years after her affair with Trump. So, unless she’s been hiding another kid since 2006, this is highly unlikely.

The third possibility is one that could end Trump’s support from Conservative Christians, and it might be the most likely. Stormy Daniels had an abortion.

This could also answer the question of “Why Daniels?” A lot of women have said that they have either had affairs with Trump, or that Trump sexually harassed them in some way. But just a few weeks before the election, Cohen suddenly felt the need to give this one woman, out of all of them, $130,000 in hush money?

Meanwhile, Daniels claims that she has quite a lot of information, including pictures and texts, which could be very damaging to Trump. Cohen is trying desperately to keep her quiet, but since Trump never actually signed the NDA, there might not be much he can do.




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