Donald Trump, Invited to Visit Britain But Is Very Scared, Can You Guess Why?


In June it surfaced that Trump told Theresa May in a telephone call that he did not want to go ahead with a state visit to Britain until the British public supports his visit. The president said he did not want to come if a large-scale protest against him will be held.

He is waiting until the British people support him. Until then, he will not be visiting the Britain.

Nick Dearden, the director of the campaign group Global Justice Now and opposes Trump said:

The fact that Trump has been forced to delay his state visit is a testament to the widespread revulsion that large sections of the British public have to the hate-mongering, righ-twing populism that he stands for.

He has been scared off for now, but as we have seen from the G20, Theresa May is determined to cozy up to him at every opportunity and is keen to rush headlong into a toxic trade deal with Trump that would be disastrous for the UK public.

We’ll be ready for Trump and his dangerous, divisive politics next year, and in the meantime we’ll be opposing the free-market fundamentalism that May and her colleagues are trying to cook up in the UK-USA trade deal they are promising.


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