Eric Trump Wants Everyone To Stop Being Mean To His Daddy Because He Doesn’t Want Him Committing Suicide [LISTEN HERE]


Eric Trump is tired of people talking against his father, President Donald Trump and has attacked the negative things that are said of his loving dad during a radio interview on Wednesday, saying that a person “would end up killing yourself out of depression” if they got as much negative coverage as Donald Trump.


Trump told Joe Pagliarulo, of the nationally syndicated “The Joe Pags Show,” that his father was being repeatedly attacked in the media and that it’s important for him to tune it out sometimes.

“If they weren’t talking about you, you wouldn’t be doing something right and it’s important to keep it in context, otherwise quite frankly you’d probably end up killing yourself out of depression,” Trump said. “But he’s doing a great job.”

Trump said that he and the rest of his family have to take the coverage “with a grain of salt.”

“It’s the media, the mainstream media, who do not want President Trump to succeed. It’s government who does not want him to succeed…No matter what he does, he’s going to get hit, and listen, I think you have to tune it out.”

He added that his father wasn’t being attacked by just the media, but by everyone in politics in general, including people “in their marble offices.”

“Politics is nasty, it’s the nastiest business I’ve ever seen,” Trump said. “No matter what he does, they’re going to hit him on it.”




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