Every time Donald and Melania Trump have faked holding hands with each other


It is no surprise that the relationship between President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania Trump has been debated. It is either people are talking about their stormy affair or their awkward moments in public.


At this time of Trump’s presidency, he will need a lot of affection, but may not get it from Melania. Since Cohen revealed that Trump instructed him to make ‘hush payments’ using money from his campaign fund to two women who were alleged to have had sexual encounters with Trump, there have been tension.

We are thankful to Nell Scovell for giving us a comprehensive thread of all the times that the Trump’s have faked holding hands.

Even when they do manage to hold hands it is the most awkward looking thing that you’ve ever seen.

Here they are ACTUALLY holding hands. And look how happy they are. Their faces can’t conceal their joy.


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