For the First Time, Republicans Split On Same-Sex Marriage


A remarkable number of Americans identifying as Republican or Republican-leaning independents are not opposing same-sex marriage for the first season in more than 20 years of polling, a new investigation by the Pew Research Center found.

The finding reveals a rapid shift in right-leaning Americans’ stance on same-sex marriage since 2013, when 61 percent of Republican respondents said they rejected gay marriage, compared with 33 percent in favor.

Republicans are not the only organization to show a dramatic shift in opinions on marriage equality in recent years. The Pew survey, which interviewed 2,504 adults by telephone from June 8 to June 18, discovered that Baby Boomers, African Americans, and young white Evangelicals all show what the study calls a “striking” increase in aid for same-sex marriage.

The study found that a bulk of the conservative Baby Boomer generation, for the first time, supported same-sex marriage, with 56 percent in favor and 39 percent disapproved. Just last year, 46 percent of Boomers were in support, and 48 percent rejected.


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