Former Marco Rubio Campaign Chair Says President Obama Looks Like a Monkey


A former campaign official for Marco Rubio, Susan Goldstein has decried the unfair treatment of sitcom star Roseanne Barr after TBS decided to cancel Roseanne’s show.










Barr compared Valerie Jarrett to a character from The Planet of the Apes.

Goldstein felt that the best way to express her opposition was to compare Barack Obama to a monkey, saying that the former President resembled Curious George and the media’s treatment of Barr represented a “double-standard”.

“And I truly think Obama resembles the Curious George cartoon, who I think is an adorable character,” she wrote. “Curious George that is. That is what my eyes see. And I am not racist, and there is not mean-spirited intent in my observation. But I can’t say it. Double standard.”

“One thing has nothing to do with the other,” she continued. “God made everyone with some kind of cultural identifying characteristics.”

Asked for further comment, Goldstein confirmed her attitude, saying she doesn’t understand why Barr’s comment was considered racist. “All I was trying to say is that I don’t get why this ‘comedian excuse’ works for some and not others,” she said.

“I saw Wanda Sykes compare Donald Trump to an orangutan. Didn’t we all evolve from apes? Isn’t that what the evolutionists agree that we all evolved from? So I don’t understand why it’s OK for a comparison to be made to an ape for white people but not blacks.”

Goldstein’s notable use of the term “evolutionist” might lead some to believe that while she uses the scientific theory first proposed by Charles Darwin in the 19th century to defend her remarks, she probably doesn’t subscribe to it herself.

The Republican and former campaign official furthermore refused to take any responsibility for her ignorance regarding racial stereotypes. These stereotypes have historically manifested themselves in dehumanizing imagery comparing blacks to monkeys and primates.

“You guys are going to try to label me a racist. Go ahead, write whatever you want,” she said. “I have an ‘R’ after my name, so you guys are going to try to do it anyway.”



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