Gathering Of Military Spouses Puts The ‘White’ In White House


The military comprise of people from different walks of life, but that is something you will not see if you take a look at the White House event honoring service moms and spouses.


The people honored were devoid of male spouses and few people of color.

Photos from the event, and one posted on Ivanka Trump’s Twitter page featuring a “listening session” with military spouses last year, show an audience overwhelmingly dominated by white women. The first daughter also posted a photo showing members of the Air Force Officers’ Spouses’ Club at an April luncheon where she spoke. Those spouses, too, were overwhelmingly white and female.

Melania Trump’s tweet focused on military moms at the White House event:

Tweeters took particular aim at Ivanka Trump’s photos, including the picture of the officers’ wives. Some complaints bear the hashtag #BeWhite, a play on the first lady’s new “Be Best” anti-bullying campaign.


“Trump seems confused about military pay,” The Military Times said.



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