Gloria Borger SHOCKS Trump: No one can Save Trump From Himself


President Donald Trump may end up saving his head because no one on planet earth can save him from himself.


Trump acts as if Twitter is the boardroom for discussions, he brings all issues to  Twitter and delivers his judgment there.

He decided to sack James Comey without considering the danger and acted in an impetuous and childish manner.

Apparently, we are yet to see who would tell Trump how to behave.

Gloria Borger said “Nobody ever knew when he walked in a meeting what he was going to say or do because he didn’t,” she said. “Donald has always managed to walk into a meeting and say something that nobody else expected him ever to say, upend the entire meeting, leave everybody agog, and control every situation that way, so by the time he leaves the room; he has the store, he owns the store.”

He has accused former President Barack Obama of wiretapping his office during the election, called people liars, insulted people and even threatened people.

The only person who would save Trump from disaster is himself!


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