Guess Who Trump Voter Thanks for Obamacare Benefits


An ardent Trump supporter has thanked God and Trumpcare for lowering her family’s health care costs — even though the latter has not even become law yet.

Charla McComic, from Lexington, Tennessee, spoke to The Washington Post before President Donald Trump’s Wednesday night rally in Nashville.

McComic’s son’s health insurance premium dropped from $567 per month to just $88 after he lost his job. She believes this to be a “blessing from God” and the work of President Trump.

What McComic doesn’t seem to understand is that the price change was a result of a subsidy made possible by the Affordable Care Act, which is actually still in place — unlike the GOP health care bill, which hasn’t passed Congress yet and what many believe to be “dead on arrival.”

According to the Post’s report, “For Trump’s most dedicated supporters, it’s simply easier to trust the president is making things better and will follow through on his promise to provide ‘insurance for everybody’ and ‘great health care for a fraction of the price.’”

Meanwhile, several thousand protesters gathered outside the auditorium where the Trump rally was to take place.

Many of these activists have been fighting for years for the state to expand Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act, which it never did, and now they face a future that’s even bleaker. They warn that the proposed legislation is likely to lead to fewer children and pregnant women receiving care, less funding for nursing homes and rural hospitals, dramatic cuts to mental health and drug treatment programs, and less support for the disabled.

“People are going to die, and that’s the bottom line. People are going to die because of what we’re doing with this legislation,” said Sharon Cox, a former pediatric nurse who was once a director at a children’s hospital, during a news conference ahead of Trump’s visit.

McComic, for her part, drove across her hometown with her family, waving flags and shouting “Trump! Trump!” and expressed a deep love for the president she otherwise only holds for God.

“We said: ‘Who else would we do this for, besides Trump?’ ” McComic said. “We agreed on the Lord. We would stand here for the Lord, but that’s about it.”


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