Guess Who’s Going to Pay for that Damn Wall


Remember when Donald Trump said he’d build a YUGE wall to keep “bad hombres” out and then make Mexico pay for it? Yeah, that’s NOT happening.

According to the budget proposal unveiled late on Wednesday, the Trump administration wants to set aside $4.1 billion dollars for the next two fiscal years, in order to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The Department of Homeland Security estimated earlier this year that the wall would end up costing far more than what Trump had promised during his election campaign — Trump said building the wall would cost $12 billion, but DHS says it will be upwards of $21 billion, and construction will take 3 years.

Mexico has repeatedly said that it would not be paying for the wall.

Trump has thrown around other ideas, such as a 20% import tax on Mexican goods to help pay for the most expensive false sense of security in U.S. history, but as this handy meme explains, that idea has sizzled out as well.


Instead, Trump has passed a sinister budget proposal that will gut scientific research and vital services to the poor, but will boost Border Patrol, ICE, and his stupid, useless wall.


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