Insider Reveals That As A Child ‘NIGHTMARE’ Trump Once Threw Rocks At A Toddler In A Playpen


President Donald Trump’s childhood may not be a nice one to remember if what has been published is anything to ponder.


According to a book published by two Washington Post reporters in 2017, Trump was an incredibly outspoken troublemaker and bully as a child; this finding would shock absolutely no one who is familiar with the President that is a year and a half into his first term.

“I liked to stir things up and I liked to test people,” Trump said about his childhood years later. “It wasn’t malicious so much as it was aggressive.” He once bragged that when he was eight, he gave a music teacher a black eye “because I didn’t think he knew anything about music.”

However, the story was later proven to be embellished, the same teacher, Charles Walker, said Trump would do anything to get attention as a kid. Told on his death bed that Trump was going to be President, the teacher said that even as a kid, Trump was a “little sh*t.”

Former classmates recalled how the future President led a group of young, obnoxious kids who would talk during class and pick on girls. He even glued together a set of his young brother’s blocks.

“He was so headstrong and determined,” one of his former teachers said. “He would sit with his arms folded with this look on his face — I used the word surly — almost daring you to say one thing or another that wouldn’t settle with him.”

Trump broke his friend’s baseball bat on the concrete pavement and never bothered to apologize, according to a former teammate of his. However, the authors of Trump Revealed point to his disciplinarian father as the source of his outbursts at school. Trump’s dad would only allow his children to address each other by their formal names; furthermore, they would have to find ways to make pocket money on their own, by collecting empty bottles. When he was 13, Trump was enrolled in New York military school.

Dennis Burnham, who lived next door to the young Trump in Queens, was a toddler when his mother briefly put him in a playpen in their garden. She returned a few minutes later to find the current U.S. president, then aged five or six, standing at his fence throwing rocks at the little boy.

His mother warned Dennis to “stay away from the Trumps” as they didn’t want him “beaten up” by the family bully.

One of his drill sergeants said that Trump had a desire to best at everything, saying he “just wanted to be first in everything — and he wanted people to know he was first.”

Eventually, the military-style discipline eventually made a good fit for Trump; he earned the rank of captain for his class. Unfortunately for the other students, he turned out to be something of a disciplinarian himself, replicating the harsh treatment that had caused him to lash out in the first place.



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