Iran nuclear deal: Trump reportedly to withdraw US from agreement – Live Updates


The world has waited for this time to hear what President Donald Trump has to say about the Iran nuclear deal.


We are not shocked! Trump told French president Emmanuel Macron that he was going to withdraw from the agreement according to the source who the New York Times.

What this means is that the United States is reinstating all sanctions it had waived as part of the Iran nuclear agreement and impose new economic penalties, according to the Times.

The Guardian has not independently confirmed the details of this report.

However, an official in Paris has denied the report, saying Trump did not inform Macron of his final decision in their phone conversation on Tuesday.

Macron’s office stood by its earlier announcement that the US and French president on Tuesday “discussed matters relating to peace and stability in the Middle East”.

The Elysée communiqué on Tuesday had made no specific mention of Iran.


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