Jared Kushner Is The ‘Senior Official” Who Ordered Mike Flynn To Contact the RUSSIANS


Jared Kushner is the “very senior member” of Trump’s transition team that ordered Michael Flynn to contact Russian officials about a United Nations resolution, according to Bloomberg News.


Flynn pleaded guilty Friday to lying to FBI agents about his contacts with Russian officials.

Two former Trump officials told Bloomberg that Kushner ordered Flynn to contact the Russian ambassador and ambassadors from other countries in an attempt to stop a United Nations Security Council vote condemning Israeli settlement activity.

Kushner told Flynn he needed to get ambassadors and foreign ministers to commit to delay or vote against the resolution. According to prosecutors, then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak gave Flynn that assurance.

The resolution, which was put forth in December 2016 during the final days of former President Obama’s administration, ultimately passed after the United States abstained from vetoing it.

Bloomberg also reports that the effort to delay or stop the resolution was coordinated with Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu.


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