Jimmy Kimmel Rips into Roy Moore: ‘There’s No One I’d Like to Fight More’


Jimmy Kimmel took a searing takedown of Roy Moore, who has been accused of sexual misconduct with minors when he was in his 30s.



The monologue came after the two engaged in a Twitter war earlier in the day, which began with Moore accusing Kimmel of mocking his “Christian values” and challenging the late night host to go “man to man” on Moore’s home turn in Alabama.

“I accept the invitation, I will come down there. I’m going to come down to Gadsden, Alabama, with a team of professional cheerleaders,” ” Kimmel said, then referencing reports that Moore was banned from a shopping mall in the 1980s for badgering teenage girls.

“We’ll meet you at the mall. Don’t worry, I can get you in,” Kimmel continued. “And if, when the girls and I show up, if you can control yourself and behave, if you can somehow manage to keep little Roy in your little cowboy pants when those nubile cheerleaders come bounding in, you and I, we’ll sit down at the food court, we’ll have a little Panda Express, and we’ll talk about Christian values.”

“Or maybe when you say, ‘Come down to Alabama and we’ll do it man to man,’ maybe that means you’re challenging me to a fight, which is kind of what it sounds like,” Kimmel added later. “And if you are, I accept, by the way. I accept that invitation. There is no one I would love to fight more than you. I will put my Christian values aside just for you and for that fight.”



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