Kamala Harris Just Made A Major HEALTHCARE Announcement


Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA)  is ready to open up a new front in the fight for a better healthcare in the United States of America with a major announcement.


She spoke at a town hall meeting in Oakland, California, where she revealed  she will co-sponsor single payer healthcare legislation with Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT)

“I intend to co-sponsor the ‘Medicare for All’ bill because it’s just the right thing to do” she told the crowd.  “It’s not just about what is morally and ethically right, it also makes sense just from a fiscal standpoint.”

This shows that Democrats are no longer happy with just defending only Obamacare, they want something more.

Harris reportedly met with donors  who are close to Hillary Clinton and she spent money that credited with helping Senator Bernie Sanders increase his national exposure in the early weeks and months of the 2016 Democratic Primary.

Senator Sanders’ willingness to share the spotlight with Harris sends a message to progressives who are suspicious of Democratic leaders they feel are too cozy with the party establishment, Harris in particular.  That message is simple: “Back off.  She’s one of us.”


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