Kellyanne Conway Suggests Trump Will Pardon Anyone Wronged By Special Counsel


We have heard that President Donald Trump  desires to pardon Lewis “Scooter” Libby, and White House adviser Kellyanne Conway has revealed  that Trump is ready to pardon people who have been caught up by a “special counsel run amok.”


Conway’s comments were in response to a reporter’s question about why Trump wanted to pardon Libby, who was convicted of lying to the FBI by a special counsel appointed by then-Deputy Attorney General James Comey.

In a CNN interview on Friday, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine warned that Trump’s pardon of Libby, who President Trump admits he doesn’t even know, was just a way for him to send a message that he is willing to pardon those caught up in the Mueller probe.

“Why pardon Scooter Libby today? People have forgotten about Scooter Libby. The pardoning of somebody who is convicted for obstruction of justice working in the White House, I think is more about sending a message to people today than it is about a case that’s 10 years old — so we’re in a very very challenging time right now,” Kaine said on CNN.



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