Martin Shkreli, Infamous For Raising Price of AIDS Drug by 5,000 Percent, Cries as He Goes to Jail


Martin Shkreli , the notorious biotech entrepreneur who gained infamy by increasing a life-saving AIDS drug’s price by 5,000 percent more than two years ago,  cried in court before being sentenced to seven years in prison, according to numerous reports.









In August, Shkreli was convicted on federal fraud charges for misleading investors about a pair of hedge funds he operated. Shkreli, known derisively as “Pharma Bro,” also manipulated stock shares for his company Retrophin, and used cash from that to pay back investors in his failed hedge funds.

CNBC reports that Shkreli asked for leniency before learning his fate.“The one person to blame for me being here today is me,” the news outlets quotes him as saying. “Not the government. There is no conspiracy to take down Martin Shkreli.”

He continued: “I took down Martin Shkreli with my disgraceful and shameful actions. This is my fault. I am no victim here. Do not feel bad for me.”



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