Meghan McCain Blasts Defeated Rep. Jason Lewis for Blaming GOP Losses on Her Late Father


Meghan McCain just lashed at defeated GOP Rep. Jason Lewis of Minnesota, after he wrote an op-ed blaming her late father, John McCain, for Republicans losing the U.S. House majority.


“This is abhorrent,” the late Arizona senator’s daughter, 34, wrote on Twitter on Monday in response to the op-ed.

Lewis  lost his re-election bid to Democrat Angie Craig,  and argued in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that the GOP lost its House majority not in last week’s midterm elections but rather months ago, when McCain voted against the “skinny” repeal of ObamaCare.

The move, which stunned many of McCain’s Republican colleagues, came in July 2017, a little more than a year before the longtime GOP senator died from brain cancer at 81.

“McCain’s last-minute decision prompted a ‘green wave’ of liberal special-interest money, which was used to propagate false claims that the House plan ‘gutted coverage for people with pre-existing conditions,’ ” Lewis wrote. “That line was the Democrats’ most potent attack in the midterms.”

Lewis went on to suggest that McCain voted no out of “pettiness,” concluding, “The late Arizona senator’s grievance with all things Trump was well known, but this obsession on the part of ‘Never Trump’ Republicans has to end. Disapprove of the president’s style if you like, but don’t sacrifice sound policy to pettiness.”

Others on Twitter criticized Lewis’ comments, calling them “disgusting” and “appalling.” Some also criticized the Wall Street Journal for running the piece, especially on Veterans Day, in light of McCain’s legacy as a war hero.


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