Melania Trump Birthplace Finally REVEALED: Inside the once-communist Slovenian town


Where was Melania Trump born? She  hails from Slovenia, and was born in Novo Mesto. Melania was born on April 2016, 1970, Novo Mesto is a city near the Krka River, close to the border with Croatia. It was a military base in the 15th Century, and suffered the plague in 1599.


Industries in the town include a hydroelectric power plant as well as textile, automobile, and chemical-pharmaceuticals.

Melania’s parents both worked in these industries. Her father worked for a vehicle manufacturer, while her mother worked as a patternmaker. In fact, it was her mother’s career in textiles that gave Melania her first taste in modelling.

The Daily Mail reported that Melania took part in many fashion shows in the town, with the children wearing garments made by their parents at the factory. The winters are cold and wintery while summer is warm with an average high of 26.8 degrees Celsius.

Melania grew up in a housing block in Sevnica, with her sister Ines. Her parents came from nearby towns Radeče and Raka.


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