Melania Trump Gets Advice From Former First Ladies On Saturday Night Live


This is something to make you smile through the week as  Cecily Strong reprised her impression of Melania Trump on Saturday night in a sketch that gathered multiple First Ladies to commiserate.


Getting ready to attend the State Of The Union address, Strong’s Melania gave herself a pep talk. “Come on, Melania, practice your happy face,” she said before frowning.

Then, host Natalie Portman appeared as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, who Portman portrayed in the 2016 biopic Jackie, a performance that earned her an Oscar nomination.

Portman’s Jackie O offered advice about how to handle it when your husband has a public affair, and when Strong’s Melania lamented that no First Lady had ever been as humiliated as her, Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton magically appeared to offer her two cents. “You tell yourself it’ll all be worth it when you’re president,” MSNL



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