Melania Trump Is SO Done With Trump, Humiliates Him Outside Air Force One


January 2018 was never kind to Melania Trump, after she found out that President Donald Trump cheated on her right with a porn star, after she gave birth to their son, Barron Trump.


Melania gave a passive aggressive tweet celebrating her first year as First Lady—but not her husband’s anniversary as president.

She also abandoned Trump on his trip to Davos, Switzerland, saying that there were “scheduling” issues, which turned out to be a visit to the Holocaust Memorial Museum and a spa vacation in Mar-a-Lago.

But the shade (as the kids say) just kept growing. Not only did Melania arrive to the State of the Union without Trump, but she can also be seen sitting while everyone else stood and clapped around her. The look of anger on her face was the only honest reaction coming from the Republican side of the Congressional floor.

Which brings us to this weekend. Trump is running to Mar-a-Lago to hide after he held up the Nunes Memo as proof of the FBI’s wrongdoing, only to have the memo embarrass him even more. As the Trumps descend from Air Force one in Palm Beach, Melania brusquely walks past Trump, who is left confused and bumbles about for a second before trying to save face waving to the press.


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