‘Melania Trump’ SHOWS Up at Stephen Colbert to discuss Michael Wolff’s Fire And Fury


Michael Wolff’s exposé Fire and Fury, the explosive book has set the internet on fire since its launch. There are controversial facts that the White House and Trump need to clarify and  Melania Trump, who has been relatively quiet on the situation may be saying something.


Stephen Colbert invited ‘Melania’ (AKA regular impersonator Laura Benanti) onto the show to speak about the book’s various revelations.

Colbert begins by welcoming the ‘First Lady’ — who happens to have a metallic spoon from “definitely not digging” — and asking whether anything in the book is true.

“Absolutely not,” she replied. “It is fake book, pure fiction, every single word is lie.”

Pressed on whether she cried on election night, fake Melania said: “No, that is absolutely true. But they were tears of happiness. Like you do at your wedding, or every morning in front of your mirror.”

Colbert then remarks that everybody who knows Trump calls him an idiot, to which she quips: “Not everybody. One of the Grandchildren can’t talk yet!”

Watch :


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