Melania Trump’s Private Twitter Photos UNCOVERED: Pictures Reveal A “Prisoner By Choice” [PHOTOS]


Melania Trump has been an absent first lady. We see her mostly when President Donald Trump is on the move.


Kate Imbach of Medium was smart enough to analyzed three years worth of pictures Melania posted on Twitter.

What she found, after she examined these photographs as though they were “a body of work,” is fascinating.

Out of 470 pictures, there is only one of her and Trump:


There was also only one of her and Barron—in that one “she disguised him the same way she disguised herself, in the little boy-version of her big sunglasses—ski goggles.” Imbach suggested that Melania “wants to protect him” because “[t]o Melania, protection means hiding.”

Melania does appear to be hiding, or seemingly imprisoned by choice. 74 photos were from the same vantage point of Trump Tower, 57 were from cars, and 67 from their private plane.

According to Imbach’s analysis:


These  photographs were taken by a woman who is shirking the responsibilities of first lady in favor of suing the Daily Mail over the damage they’ve done to her “brand” by claiming she was once an escort, a woman who has the nerve to refuse to leave her home, even though that refusal comes with a $50 million annual government handout for her security costs, these photographs take on a darker edge. They appear to be the documentation of changing seasons by a doomed recluse. Let the world fall down around her—she’s not going anywhere.



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