Mexican Presidential Candidate Calls For Cutting Off Thieves’ Hands


A Mexican presidential candidate, Jaime Rodriguez, an independent known as “El Bronco,” has made it known in a televised debated that thieves should have their hands chopped off. His remark has set off jokes and comments on Twitter.


Rodriguez is trailing in opinion polls. He  made the proposal during a discussion about corruption in the first televised debate among the five presidential candidates ahead of the July 1 election.

“We have to cut off the hands of those who rob. It’s that simple,”, adding that he would ask Congress to pass a law backing his idea.

The moderator Denise Maerker was taken back twice , that  Rodriguez was asked if  was speaking literally, before checking again that he really meant what he had said.

“That’s right. That’s right,” he replied.

Memes based on Rodriguez’s comment:


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