Morning Joe Host Calls For Ivanka And Jared To Go Back To NY In Brutal Op-Ed


An MSNBC host published a harsh piece about President Trump’s life. Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ blasted Ivanka Trump and her spouse Jared Kushner for being completely incapable to work in the White House. Scarborough continued to hint that they should travel back to New York and go back to their respective jobs. The host insisted that Ivanka should go back to managing her sweat shops and Kushner should go back to being a poor business man.

Scarborough wrote: “Americans have seen enough headlines over the past six months to understand better why nepotism does not work in the White House. Though my words may suggest otherwise, I genuinely like Jared and Ivanka. I also love Joey, Andrew, Katherine and Jack Scarborough. But I wouldn’t let them run my morning show any more than Trump should let his children run roughshod over White House operations. Vice presidents, not daughters, should sit in G-20 summits. And a secretary of state should broker Middle East peace. Not an inexperienced 36-year-old son-in-law. I have no doubt that Trump’s daughter and son-in-law believe they are working hard to make America and the world a better place. But now the best thing they can do for their country is to move back to New York and let professionals run the White House.”

Do you think they should be permitted to stay in the White House given how incompetent they are for their jobs?


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