MUST WATCH: The Ladies on ‘The View’ RIP INTO Trump Over His Easter Behavior


Today on The View, the panel slammed Pres. Donald Trump for the way he comported himself over Easter as well as his refusal to release his tax returns.

On Easter Sunday, Trump tweeted this:

Whoopi Goldberg started the discussion by saying,

So the new guy [Trump] has had a very interesting Easter. He started the holiday with some tweets reminding people he won the election, and claiming that the protesters who want to see his tax returns were paid to march. There were protests in a 150 cities and even out in space. So all of these people were paid?

Co-host Sunny Hostin then pointed out what a hypocrite Trump is and how he insulted Christians in America:

He ran on this faith-based campaign and Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday, is the most holy religious day of the Christian faith. And the fact that rather than tweeting about new beginnings and hopefulness and the risen Lord, he’s tweeting about taxes and protests and North Korea. I wonder what the Evangelicals that supported him, 80%, and I wonder about the Catholics — I think it was 60% of white Catholics that voted for him — how they felt about that, because I felt it was so disrespectful.

Sara Haines quipped, “I was just surprised he was tweeting. Even Jesus rested on the seventh day,” while Jedediah Bila said Trump needs to understand that people have the right to protest, and wondered why he won’t just stop talking about his tax returns “if he wants to the tax topic to disappear.”


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