New Poll: Melania Trump Is Incredibly More Popular Than Her Husband


According to a new poll from Gallup, Melania Trump is more popular than  her husband, President Donald Trump ever.


Fifty-four percent of Americans polled said they viewed the first lady favorably, up 17 points from January when only 37 percent of Americans viewed her favorably.

By comparison, Trump is viewed unfavorably by a majority of Americans in the poll. Fifty-six percent view the president unfavorably, while 41 percent view him favorably.


While Melania’s popularity has climbed by double digits in the poll, the president’s has stayed relatively the same from his 40 percent to 55 percent favorable-unfavorable rating from January.

The first lady got a later start in Washington than her husband. While the president took office in January, the first lady didn’t move into the White House until June, after her son finished the school year.

Since settling into her role, the first lady has maintained a more public presence, attending events such as a Toys for Tots campaign on Wednesday and showing off the official White House Christmas decorations earlier this month.

Now just a third of Americans, 33 percent, say they have an unfavorable view of the first lady, while 13 percent of Americans say they had no opinion.

Melania is still behind her three recent predecessors in terms of favorability during the fall of their husbands’ first year in office. Laura Bush held a 77 percent favorable rating, while 61 percent of Americans viewed Michelle Obama favorably and 58 percent of Americans viewed Hillary Clinton favorably at the time.


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