Pastor Joel Osteen Tells Churchgoers That Hurricane HARVEY Was Simply ‘God’s Plan’


Pastor Joel Osteen Osteen delivered a different message to his Sunday congregation—stop complaining.



“Quit being upset by something you can handle,” the multi-millionaire televangelist said. “God never promised we would reach our destination without a battle and without disappointments and without things we don’t understand.”

“Scripture says you will go through the flood but you will not drown,” Osteen promised. This scripture must have forgotten the 50 people who have died (so far) in the 1 in 1000-year natural disaster. He also used the story of Jesus telling his disciples to board a fishing boat, even though he knew a terrible storm was coming. It’s a poor choice for a consoling story, since officials are still finding bodies of people Jesus apparently led into this storm, and thousands of others have lost everything because of the flooding. There’s now also a literal “sea of health and environmental hazards” to contend with. If the disciples knew they were heading into this disaster, they’d be right to get off the boat.




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