Petulant Trump SNUBS Angela Merkel, Won’t Shake Her Hand! AWKWARD or RUDE? (VIDEO)


German Chancellor Angela Merkel must have ripped President Trump a new one in their meeting today, because Trump later flat out refused to shake Merkel’s hand.

Prior to their meeting, Trump did greet Merkel with a handshake. We all know how much the president loves a good domineering handshake, so it was strange that later, during a photo op, he simply refused to shake her hands.

Prompted by photographers, Merkel turned to Trump and asked, “Do you want to have a handshake?”
Trump refused to even look at her, and sat there grimacing for long minutes. Merkel then made a face.

It was all incredibly awkward. It also left us wondering if this sulking 70-year-old man-child with access to nuclear codes is simply hard of hearing, or just unable to handle working with the world’s most powerful woman.

Whatever the reason, we’re calling it now: SNL cold open with Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin.


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