Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Tour Blasts Trump, “We Need to Survive His Presidency”


Waters, who is presently on tour and promoting his new album Is This the Life We Really Want?, recently made a show on CNN and gave an interview with the CNN’s Michael Smerconish about his opinion on Donald Trump and the former wrestler’s current job as America’s chief executive.

“Well, maybe. This is the responsibility that you and the mainstream media have is to not allow this to be taken as seriously as it is. I mean, I’ve sort of stopped watching all the talking heads about Russia-gate and this and that and the other because it seems to me largely irrelevant. There’s a larger picture that we could maybe all be focusing on. The problem is entertainment has got mixed up with news a lot in this country, my general sense is that everything has to be entertaining. And in consequence Donald Trump is great for the mainstream media because he’s such a buffoon.”





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