Police Just Identified The Ivy League Student Charged With Vicious RACIST Assault


Ithaca police has finally identified John “Jack” Greenwood, a white 19-year-old Cornell sophomore and graduate of the elite boys’ prep school, Deerfield Academy, as the individual charged with the racially motivated attack of a black Cornell junior.


The alleged attack took place last Friday outside the black student’s residence, a group of white students, possibly of Cornell’s chapter of the Psi Upsilon chapter, repeatedly shouted “F**k you, N****r,” and punched him in the face, after he had attempted to get them to leave his lawn.

Requesting anonymity, the alleged victim identified himself only as a member of Cornell’s diverse Kappa Sigma fraternity and said, “Every time I watch TV and I hear a story like this, I know it could easily be me because I look the same as those people. I expected it to happen at some point.”

Meanwhile, according to the Cornell-Sun:

Another student who spoke on the condition of anonymity told The Sun that he was also called a racial slur about an hour later on Friday morning by one of the same students who had assaulted the junior.

In a video obtained by The Sun, two men can be seen confronting another student who is not shown in the video.

“You might be a sand-n****r black, but you’re not black” one man says in the video, later adding: “Come fight us, n****r.”



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