Poll Reveals The First Word That Comes To Mind When Americans Think Of Donald Trump, Can You Guess?


“What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of Donald Trump?”

That’s what Quinnipiac, a trusted polling firm, asked Americans in a poll. And the answers given give a low level of confidence Americans have in the president of the US. The most popular answer was “idiot.”

In another poll conduct online all over the world, called trumpinoneword, the site asked to “describe Trump in one word,” and the top answer was “arrogant.”

And at the G20 Summit, he went out of his way to show Americans they were right. When Ivanka wasn’t sitting in for him, he was busy saying “America First” to each trade discussion. The Italian Prime Minister had to ask why Trump was attempting to damage the growing world economy, and other EU countries threatened to retaliate if Trump increased tariffs on steel which may create a trade war between America and the 19 other nations in the Group of 20.

He has been sitting as President of the US for just six months, and Americans already think that he is an idiot and an arrogant person.


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