Pro-Trump media ignores president’s broken promise


Trump has broken his immigration promise but the pro-Trump presses are ignoring it.

The news that President Donald Trump had chosen not to convey on a campaign promise, was covered generally by customary media outlets, for example, CNN and the Washington Post. The New York Times considered the declaration sufficiently critical to convey a caution to its readers.

But the declaration did not appear to rate with Trump’s immigration hardline partners in the conservative press. The story was mysteriously absent on the front pages of Breitbart or the Drudge Report. did not seem to cover it on its landing page either.

“If we’re not covering it, we deserve to be hammered,” one Breitbart staff member told CNN on Friday evening.

On the battle field, Trump guaranteed he would instantly end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which President Barack Obama authorized through EO. The program ensures roughly 750,000 “Dreamers.”

“Anyone who has entered the United States illegally is subject to deportation — that is what it means to have laws and to have a country,” Trump said before.

The Times said in its news that Trump’s choice to break his campaign promise would “disappoint some of the president’s most ardent supporters.” But if his supporters are getting their news from pro-Trump presses, there is a high chance they aren’t even aware of the news.


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