Racist Conservatives Just Called Malia Obama’s Birthday An ‘Ape’ (SCREENSHOTS)


Every July 4th, Americans celebrate their nation’s independence. Barack and Michelle Obama always celebrate too. The Obamas celebrate their daughter’s birthday- Malia Obama, their eldest daughter.


This year, Newsweek writer Julia Glum decided it was a good idea to bait the “alt-Right” (Nazis, as they are more commonly known) by putting Malia’s name next to Trump’s in a headline.  The article she wrote was innocent.

However, some conservatives used that opportunity to hit at Malia, calling her an “ape in heels” and noting that “black is a terrible burden on all of America.”

One commenter called her a “black racist tramp” while another called her and her family “jungle trash.” Still another “deplorable” speculated that “they” “use her face to stamp gorilla cookies” (he did not say who “they” are) and still another said that she is “eating bananas like a good gorilla should.” Another said he hopes “she is on a crashing plane” and other indicated that the “only story” he wants to see “about this parasite” is “about its gang rape and murder.”



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