Rep. Jim Jordan Blames Hillary Clinton and Rod Rosenstein For His Wrestler Sexual Abuse Scandal


Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) attempted to blame Hillary Clinton, Rod Rosenstein, and the Steele Dossier for the sex abuse scandal he is currently facing.









Many former Ohio State University wrestlers have publicly shared stories of rampant sexual abuse, harassment and misconduct they were subjected to while wrestling for their school’s team. Jordan was the team’s assistant coach from 1986-1994, during the time the abuse is said to have occurred. Many allege Jordan intentionally turned a blind eye to the abuse he knew was taking place.

In the Fox interview, he was asked about the timing of the allegations. He said:

“You would have to ask them. I think the timing is suspect. From when you think about how this whole story came together after the Rosenstein interview. Or hearing. With this whole talk about the speaker’s race. But it is just not accurate. And as I said before, conversations in the locker room are a lot different than someone coming up to you and saying there was some kind of abuse. If there had been that we would have dealt with it, the coach would have dealt with it our entire coaching we had five coaches. We would have dealt with it these student-athletes.”

He was asked if the allegations were a conspiracy. He replied, “I’m not saying that at all I’m saying they said they reached out to us. Sent it to a nonexistent email address. Perkins Coie, Hillary Clinton’s law firm. Same law firm that can find an ex-British spy to put together a dossier to go after President Trump can’t find a congressman’s email can’t get ahold of me and then they tell the press we reached out to him and he didn’t respond? That is completely bogus. And I mean, Bret, when we have one of these hearings in Congress, I will tell you one thing, every liberal in the country seems to be able to find our phone number and find our address and call us up. But this law firm who is supposedly doing this investigation couldn’t find that?”

Jordan also called the abuse victims liars and said one was a thief.



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