REPORT: Majority Of Users On Cheating Website Ashley Madison Are Republicans, And They Only Want Other Republicans


According to a study conducted by Ashley Madison, a dating site for  married people or people in relationships, that was shared with Mediaite, a majority of America’s cheaters identify as Republican.


After surveying nearly 1,000 users on the infamous dating site for cheaters, the results concluded that a whopping 60 percent of the site’s members identify as Republicans. Meanwhile, less than 40 percent of Ashley Madison users identify as Democrats.

“For all of the conservative values the ‘right’ pushes, turns out they’re more ‘left’ in the sheets than they let on,” a representative for Ashley Madison said on Tuesday.

Isabella Mise, director of communications for Ashley Madison, said:

“It’s surprising to see so many members of voting Republican. The liberal sexual behavior of our members was not exactly reflective of their political affiliation. It was expected that cheating may have been more prevalent amongst Democrats who may be more open to the idea of infidelity, but that just wasn’t the case.”

Across the globe, Ashley Madison has over 50 million member accounts lusting for extramarital affairs. Of the Republican users surveyed, 55 percent said they’d prefer to cheat with another Republican.

Some people are pondering whether or not these results point to an emerging trend of cheating in the Republican party. After all, the current Commander in Chief — and his eponymous son — are known to have romped around with Playboy bunnies and adult film stars alike while married.




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