REPORT: Steve Bannon Called Trump A ’11-Year Old Boy, Considering Running For President


Former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon is frustrated with President Donald Trump, and is thinking of running for president in 2020 if Trump doesn’t run, according to Vanity Fair.


Gabriel Sherman wrote that Bannon joked  that Trump is like an 11-year-old child and that Trump has told his own advisers that after a year in office, Trump has “lost a step.”

From Vanity Fair:

In October, Bannon called an adviser and said he would consider running for president if Trump doesn’t run for re-election in 2020. Which Bannon has told people is a realistic possibility. In private conversations since leaving the White House, Bannon said Trump only has a 30 percent chance of serving out his term, whether he’s impeached or removed by the Cabinet invoking the 25th amendment. That prospect seemed to become more likely in early December when special counsel Robert Mueller secured a plea deal from former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Bannon has also remarked on the toll the office has taken on Trump, telling advisers his former boss has “lost a step.” “He’s like an 11-year-old child,” Bannon joked to a friend in November.

Bannon’s spokesperson denied this:


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